Sunday, January 31, 2016

FACEPAINT & Meeting Lisa Eldridge

If you don't know who Lisa Eldridge is, look her up. Seriously, do it now!
She is a well respected makeup artist who has an impressive list of celebrity clients and a beautiful collection of work. Her book Facepaint is an excellent resource for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. Besides being a lovely person, her video tutorials on YouTube are must-sees for anyone interested in makeup.
Check out this video inspired by the looks mentioned in her book!
I have been a watching her videos for 5 years now, and appreciate her approach and philosophy of makeup. She shares an interest in the history of makeup and continuously looks to vintage makeup styles for inspiration. You can credit her for introducing me to the world of Biba and makeup genius Mary Greenwell.

Early this month I had the opportunity to meet her at a book signing! My seemingly unrealistic dream was about to come true! Book in hand, I took my place in a half-mile long line to get my copy autographed. After an hour and a half, I made my way into the beautiful studio, Violet Grey. She was so lovely and had a contagious enthusiasm that I couldn't help but to reflect. Very down to earth and unassuming, she even complimented my makeup! It so happens, we share a liking for crisp white shirts with black shoestring ties! (WHAAAAT!?) Though our conversation was short, it was a pleasant one. This was definitely my highlight of the year!

Her book FACEPAINT is not a "How-to" instruction manual or a "Best of" portfolio, rather, it chronicles the journey of makeup, exploring different cultures and how makeup has come to be what it is today. Loaded with tons of research and glorious photos, it truly is an interesting read. It is clear this book was a labor of love for Lisa, and when we talked, she mentioned she desired to fill a long-held need for a book that has well-researched information and particular detail. Stay tuned for a book review!

See what Lisa has to say about it herself!

What are your favorite Lisa looks? Tell me in the comments!

-Amanda, Vintage Beauty Detective