Friday, April 18, 2014

HAIR TIPS: What To Do After The Tease

Teasing is a great versatile hairstyling technique, giving volume and to achieving an authentic 1960s look. When brushed out properly, you can minimize the damage to your hair.

What about when the party is over? Now what? At the end of the day, everyone has put in their two cents about teasing, but nobody tells you how to brush it out. Can you brush it out?

Good news. You can. But these tips can help you to brush out your stylish bouffant or beehive the right way, without tearing out half your head of hair or ending up with a ratted messy lump that you can't untangle.

1. Better Teasing
Resist the "scrubbing" action. Use a downward motion, with medium tension, creating a teased base.

2. Proper Brush Out
Use a brush, not a comb. If you don't remember anything from this post, at least remember to brush from the ENDS of your hair working upwards TOWARDS the ROOTS. 

3. Conditioner spray (if needed)
If you tried your best but still need some help, try lightly spritzing the area. Then follow brushing tip #2. Don't dampen the hair too much because the hair will stretch and you risk more breakage if you encounter any knots.

4. Brush Hair AGAIN Before Washing
This tip is for making sure that your hair doesn't get re-tangled after all your hard work of properly brushing and spritzing. If your hair is not prone to getting tangled easily, then skip this one, but it never hurts to make sure hair is knot-free before you wash it.

These are some basic tips so far. I may do a teasing tutorial in the future. Happy styling!
-VBD ;)


  1. Super helpful! Great tips VBD!

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