Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Vintage Hair How-To + Beauty& Pin Ups

1940s inspired hair by Vintage Beauty Detective

1940s style & product review...

I love 1940s hair. Seriously, its one of my all-time favorite decades when it comes to vintage hairstyles. My lovely model let me do a classic pageboy look.


1. On clean hair, prep with Sway Blow Out spray and blow dry smooth. (I added a little bit of Luxe for some leave-in moisture)

2. Spritz evenly with Fever spray.

3. Starting at the nape, part a U shape from side to side. Begin by taking square sections no larger than 2x2 inches. Mist your section with Valor hairspray before you curl. Start the curl about 2-4 inches from the end.

4. Clip each curl into a roll to let them cool.

5. For the Front area, section out hair for your wave horizontally, then split that into 1x1 sections and after curling, clip like stand up curls.

6. After fully cooled, remove clips and brush out. Take caution not to flip out curls. Brush smoothing hair under.

7. For wave, smooth curls and shape wave with your fingers. Clip wave into place with duckbill clips if needed. Spray with Valor to hold. Feel free to use a bobby pin to keep wave from falling in your face. Tuck it behind your ear like I did, or wear it Veronica Lake style!

*I can’t stress enough that a haircut can make styling sooo much easier! Cutting the hair into a U shape is essential for getting a flawless U shaped rolled hairstyle.

*To mimic this look, you can roll the sides like a bumper bang and pin it so the sides are shorter than the back length.

*Please ALWAYS USE thermal protection! Especially on colored hair, since heat is a huge color-killer. I have seen clients with virgin hair that is fried and dry just from weekly use of heated tools. Be careful not to use maximum heat, your hair will thank you!

I bought my first Beauty & Pin Ups product last winter and was really excited when they reached out to me and sent more products to try out! One thing that struck me was the variety of natural/botanical ingredients included in the styling range. I like the Valor hairspray because it really is “Super Fine”, it gives a workable hold and is easy to brush through, without leaving sticky residue. I will definitely keep using Fever thermal spray, it is a good general purpose spray and doesn’t leave buildup on the hair. So far the scents/perfumes have been light, which is good because heavy perfumes trigger my allergies/asthma. Happy to see UV protection as well-so important for keeping hair color vibrant and shiny. Can’t wait to play with the rest!

An added bonus is that all products are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free!

The VBD,