Wednesday, May 6, 2015

9 MUST HAVES for Vintage Hairstyling

 I can remember back in the day when I was scrounging for tips to help me style my hair vintage. I wished someone would just explain things to me! I had loads of questions like "How did women in the 1940s do it? What tools do I need? And What in the world is setting lotion? " Thankfully, the Internet is now full of great blogs and resources that can help you learn to style your own fabulous vintage hair. Everyone is different and has their own preferences, but these are the tools that I can't live without!

here's my essentials...

1. Setting Lotion
I use Lottabody but am going to try out some other types. I know of some bloggers that use sculpting lotions instead and are very happy with it. So feel free to experiment!

2. Double prong clips 
These are really great to use for holding your pin curls and stand-up curls in place. I highly recommend the double pronged kind because they control the hair better and don't leave a dent. Make sure to buy ones with flat smooth prongs. They come in various lengths as well.

3. Duckbill clips
Very useful for clipping hair out of the way, holding waves in place, and emphasizing the ridges in your finished style.

4. Foam rollers
Good for the person who doesn't pin curl very well. The size of the roller dictates size of the curl. I suggest 1" or slightly larger for a 1950s look, and 3/4" or smaller for 1930s fluff. 

They are soft so you can sleep in them, if you so desire. I highly recommend wearing a scarf over your rollers so they stay in place. You will have to smooth out the slight dents from the bar part of the roller, though. Remember to keep your sections the width of your roller. Cramming too much hair into a roller will take longer to dry and leave a nasty dent!

5. Rattail comb
The tail provides a perfect hair parting tool. Make sure to comb each section well when pin curling. Messy or ratty strands don't brush into pretty waves! Get a thick plastic one- cheapy versions will bend when you encounter a knot!

6. Brush
A proper brush plays a big part in ease of styling. I recommend using a grooming brush like this kind from Denman brushes.

7.  Hair Combs (the ones you wear)
Does anyone know if these have another name?? I love them SO much! They add such an authentic look and hold well for hours. I picked mine up at Walgreen's, but I'm sure you can find them online or at any drug store.

8. Bobby Pins
This is an obvious one, but still very useful. Use to pin your fringe in place or as extra support for your hair scarf or snood.

9. Gauzy scarf
I use one to cover my pin curls while I sleep or to wear in my hair after I brushed them out.

where to buy:

I get my supplies from a "licensed professionals only" store, but you can still find the same brands on Amazon or at other beauty supply stores. Try out inexpensive versions of brushes and rollers to see what you like best. Then invest in a good quality version that will last for years!

Thanks for reading! Please don't hesitate to leave any questions/comments. I'd love to hear from you!
--Ms. Coiffeuse ;)

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