Ms. Amanda Coiffeuse
I posses a lifelong fascination with the styles of past decades. I love learning about authentic techniques and perfecting my skills in creating vintage looks. I am a licensed cosmetologist and offer haircutting, hairstyling, makeup, and color services.  I would love to help you embrace your vintage self! Please visit my Contact page for more information.
 I also appreciate modern styling as well. I am always open to new techniques and methods. I love to experiment and view makeup and hair as an art form. There really are so many ways to express yourself! I love collaborating and teaching, so if you are interested in doing a photo shoot, or would like to host tutorials, just email me!
In addition to my love of retro beauty, I enjoy fashion, sewing, art, and film. You'll find me hunting for vintage clothes, thrifting, and gallivanting around Los Angeles in my saddle shoes and cat eye sunglasses.
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Thanks for stopping by!
--Amanda, the Vintage Beauty Detective