Friday, June 13, 2014

3 Vintage SUMMER-Ready Hairstyles

With summer around the corner, every vintage girl needs a way to stay fresh and cool without sacrificing her retro 'do. Here is some inspiration along with a few links to great tutorials for staying glamorous during the warm months.

1. Crown of Curls
Like Rita (pictured above) and Betty (pictured below) try a head topped with curls to keep your neck bare for summer breezes. Perfect for lounging at the beach in a vintage swimsuit!

2. Scarf Roll
Tasha shows you how to tuck your lovely waved locks into a fabulous 40's roll fit for running errands around town or a summer picnic. See the full tutorial here!

3. Milkmaid Braid
Take it back to a simpler time in this braided hairstyle. As seen in this 1940s ad, the milkmaid braid can be dressy and elegant. Try placing some small flowers in the braid loops for a soft feminine look.

See how to do it in this tutorial:

I know I'll be trying these out myself.  I'm making a to-do list of tutorials--so let me know what you want to see!

--Vintage Beauty Detective ;)