Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stay Dirty- and Look Great!

your dirty secret...

Something that draws me to retro inspired hairstyles is the versatility. When done well, a curl set can last days, be molded into different shapes and reworked. The last thing you need to get in your way is oily, flat roots. That's where dry shampoo comes in the picture!

I am excited to be teaming with Beauty & Pin-Ups for this hairstyle! As a frequent dry shampoo user, I was excited to try Stay Dirty, their new Dry Shampoo!*

Simply put, the aim of dry shampoo is to absorb oil, add texture and create volume. This can be invaluable when trying to extend the life of your hairstyle-especially during a busy morning!

My model is an avid dry shampoo user, and I worked with her second day hair. First thing I wanted to do was target her oiliest area, being the crown and front hairline. Keeping a good distance while spraying ensures even distribution of product and keeping a light application at first allows you to avoid a heavy build up.

Step One
Part from ear to ear and clip front hair away.

Step Two
Taking horizontal sections, spray Stay Dirty Dry Shampoo underneath and on top of each section. Focus on the roots, this area gets oiler soonest and will be easier to tease with the added texture.

Step Three

Spray all over with thermal protection (I used Fever) before curling. Make sure to mist all layers of hair, not just the top. Brush through.

Step Four

Depending on your hair’s thickness, part horizontal sections of manageable width. If you want smaller waves, take smaller subsections.

Step Five
With the iron open, wrap the strand of hair around the barrel, clamping gently through the entire strand. When you have curled the entire section, wrap and clip the curl at its base, fastening it to the head.

Step Six
Spray with some hairspray (I used Fierce) to lock in the curl. Let the curls cool before taking out the clips. Put on your makeup while waiting or change your clothes! After removing the clips, brush out the curls until you like it.

Step Seven
To start back combing (teasing), part the crown as you did when you sprayed Stay Dirty. With a comb, insert it into the hair and push straight down to the head. Do not use a scrubbing motion, this will leave you with tangles and a headache! If needed, repeat 2-3 times to get desired volume.

Step Eight
Smooth down the back combed hair to your desired volume.

Step Nine
The goal is to create a relaxed, undone texture. The more you brush the softer the curls become. Try a salt spray or a similar product to add separation to the curl and a rougher finish to the ends.

Step Ten
Loosely gather the top section (avoid grabbing too much hair from the top of your head) and secure with a method best suited for your hair type. Let the sides droop down into the ribbon, it looks effortless and chic. This is great opportunity to wear a pretty ribbon รก la Brigitte Bardot or add a cool clip!

This look can be customized to fit you, so brush it out, rough it up, or tease it huge! Have fun and own the confidence to Stay Dirty!

The Vintage Beauty Detective

*Disclaimer*  I received free samples of Stay Dirty from Beauty & Pin-Ups in exchange for a blog post.

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