Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Channeling Grace:A Vintage Photo Shoot

1950s vintage hairstyle via

Last week I was so excited do be involved in a photo shoot for my salon. A vintage style was required and I delivered. Here are some snapshots I took that day. (Apologies for the low-quality phone pics!) I really enjoyed it and can't wait for next time!
1950s vintage photo shoot via

My model Amanda was lovely to work with and had the perfect hair for the Grace Kelly inspired look I gave her! Her hair was about shoulder length and I knew I wanted to give her a dramatic fringe (bang) wave. The highlights in her hair enhance the movement of her waves. Who knew she was a 1950s bombshell!?

1950s vintage hairstyle via
Peek at the back--the lighting is terrible and a bit blurry!
I curled her hair using a 3/4" inch curling iron and curled her whole head in on-base curls. (see second photo) After that it's all about the products and the brush out! I added a little oil for some dramatic shine on the front wave-it picked up the light beautifully.
1950s vintage hairstyle via

1950s vintage hairstyle via
My coworker Ashlie making her fabulous
*When I do my styles, I prefer to work on freshly washed hair or second day hair, depending on the person's hair texture and oil production.
*Use a hairspray that isn't sticky-this will make a huge difference in the brush out!

--Ms. Coiffuse

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