Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Truth About Sulfates||VBD Investigates

its time to come clean...

Sulfates have been getting publicly dissed for a few years now and people generally cringe when they find out that their beloved hair product contains-gasp-sulfates!! But let's stop for a second, what exactly are sulfates??


the facts

Sulfates are basically detergents, and when added into shampoo, help to cleanse the hair and scalp by powering through oils, dirt and grime.

The two most common sulfates used are sodium laurel sulfate (a.k.a. SLS) and ammonium laurel sulfate (a.k.a. ASL)

The main thing sulfates do is later. So when you get that sudsy, foaming, luxurious lather, thank the sulfates.

the drawbacks

While getting rid of oils and product build up, it can dry out hair, or even cause spilt ends

It is known to fade haircolor, stripping it out of your hair and making it look dull

Curly hair can become frizzy due to lack of moisture-making it harder to manage

Sulfate-free shampoos require more ingredients, such as thickening and other foaming agents, to enable lathering and keep the shampoo from running off your hands like water


the options

Sulfate free shampoos! Because of this awareness, many companies have been jumping on the sulfate-free bandwagon, offering sulfate-free options for their consumers. Brands like Pureology, L'Oreal, Wella, and Matrix all carry sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

Tell me your favorite sulfate-free products in the comments! And now for the other burning question, what are parabens???

--Amanda, the Vintage Beauty Detective

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